A krazy Mug Bar Accessories

A proper cocktail party requires a proper bar setup. Stocking up on the liquors and mixers of your favorite drinks is a great first step in laying the foundation for your at-home bar. Likewise having the best bar accessories too is as important as having the best stocked bar. 

A Krazy Mug Bar Accessories

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A krazy Mug Tea Cups

A Krazy Mug - Tea Cup Set


Chai- the drink India can’t live without. This awesome hot beverage is a regular entertainer, a source of living, a refreshing drink, an excuse for discussions, a part of gossip culture and a household tradition in India.

You must be thinking why we are calling it as cutting???.... Because it is about enjoyment, sharing and being a powerful pick-me-up. And that’s exactly what you can expect here.

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Tea Sets by A Krazy Mug

You may have seen plenty of tea cups and saucers. You might have received them as gifts. Or you may have offered them as presents. May be tea sets are the primary things that you come up with when it's about gifts. Indeed tea time is the time when we unite, we communicate and most of all we create memories that will stay with us forever. Hence people value truly value the tea time.

We A Krazy Mug offer you beautifully Hand Painted Cutting Chai GlassesKatta Chai SetsServing Tea Kettles. 

Our products offer some specific features to make your tea times far more colourful and enjoyable.

  • All of our products are Indian by the spirit. The cutting chai glasses and Kettle sets are truly representative of regular tea stalls where we all used to spend times during our college lives.
  • The regular Indian style tea sets become very unconventional by the vision and craftsmanship of Puja Bajpai. You'll witness many stories about different cities, about different cultures of India, painted on our products. The vibrant colours and the out of the box designs make the tea sets worth a watch.
  • The interesting outlook of the tea sets makes them classy home decor items as well as Unique Gift Items.

Let's have look at few of our products:

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Classy Jewellery Boxes by A Krazy Mug

Women believe in their jewellery boxes. They capture their past, present, and future in those boxes. Every earring, necklace, and ring tell a story about their lives, their parents’ or grandparents’ lives, or the lives they will change in the future. Jewellery boxes aren't just mere objects that you buy, use and forget. They are more than just mere boxes, they are the places to memories that last forever. A Jewellery box is the mirror of a woman's life. It not only stores gems and rings rather it stores joy and happiness of her life in addition.

We at A Krazy Mug are celebrating the true value of Jewellery Boxes by offering you hand crafted and hand painted Jewellery boxes. The premium quality handcrafted Jewellery box adds a classy touch of ethnicity to your bedroom. The colourful and thematic artistic treatment of the boxes makes them pretty unique gift items too.

Let's have a look at our collections:

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Home Decor and A Krazy Mug.

We buy lots of things to decorate our homes, to make our drawing room presentable to our guests. In fact, our home decor is representative of our cultural and aesthetic taste. A person decorates his/her house in the reflection of his/her own mind. So it's not only about buying random attractive staffs and storing them in your house. It's about finding the right products. And it's also about finding the connection with the products. Let's have a look at the home decor collection by A Krazy MugYou may find the collectables which reflect your taste precisely.

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Amazing Bar Accessories | A Krazy Mug

Are you setting up a home bar? Do you want to make your bar properly accessorised with themed bar accessories? Or do you want to enjoy your party outdoor with portable Drinking Accessories? If your answer is yes for these questions you Must have a look at our Bar Accessories section. 

 We at A Krazy Mug always try to offer something new, something Unique to our buyers. Therefore, we tried to feature our bar accessories with some artistic designs themed after diverse cultural taste of India.

The Artwork on the products, the interesting appearance and the thematic value of them makes them authentic gift item and charming showpieces too. Of course, you will use the products, but the outlook of it is something that you'll like display in your showcase.

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Unique Indian Handicrafts by A Krazy Mug

Indian Handicrafts are famous among the art lovers. They play a very substantial role as Home Decor all over the world. Indian Handicrafts have pretty unique features such as:

  • Originated from different cultures of different regions they offer wide range products with a variety of style and appearances. 
  • They are produced as per the traditional techniques they still provide the taste of ethnicity.
  • Indian Handicrafts are both eco-friendly and pocket-friendly at the same time.

These are few of the many reasons behind the overwhelming demands of Indian Handcrafted Products.

Traditional Hand crafted products are mainly rural by their themes. But In A Krazy Mug, our artist Puja Bajpai offers something out of the box. Puja promotes the Handicrafts forms as not just Souvenirs/ Gifts or Show pieces but crafting an integral part of the urban setting. Her designs are innovation in itself to transform a mundane object into a charming artefact.

It means our collection you will find artefacts that are themed after Urban settings as well as rural. Let's have a look at our collections.

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Make your Tea Times special with A Krazy Mug

In The Alchemist by Paul Coelho, Santiago suggests that the crystal merchant should sell tea in crystal glasses. The crystal merchant hesitates but agrees to sell tea. The tea becomes popular and the Merchant along with Santiago earns heavy profit out of it.

Although we are not selling crystal tea glasses, we may offer you something that will make you popular too among your circle. Tea time allows us to take a moment out of life’s hectic pace, sit down and talk with one another about the day. It is the time to socialise. And it's also the time flaunt of the crockery belonging to you.  But how can you possibly create an impression of yourself if you have the same old Tea Cup Sets?

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What do you think about Gifts?

"Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness". Indeed a simple act of presenting a gift to a friend can be precious nowadays.  We all are busy nowadays. We don't have much time to communicate. So, a gift is probably the easiest way to convey our special ones how valuable they are to us. But receiving same gifts (ex. Chocolate, Books, Mobile, and Apparels) from everyone isn't special at all. Now you must be thinking “How can I make my gifts Unique?"

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Introducing "A Krazy Mug".

A Krazy Mug could have been another brand, promoting the same old products to the buyers without adding a niche of its own.  But thanks to the artist Puja Bajpai we offer you products worth your attention.

Why exactly? What's so special about A Krazy Mug?


Let's have a look at few of our lovingly handcrafted products; you'll have the answers by yourself.

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